Saturday, 5 January 2013

Light in the Darkness

A Long Exposure

I wanted to share this photo with you by itself. It was taken while we were driving to our stay-cation in the Lake District.

We were utterly lost and had pulled over to consult our phone navigation and adjust our satnav.

I spotted the cottage behind the pub we’d pulled into and promptly set up my tripod to capture the moment.

IMG_9090 copy copy

The actual area was pitch black, I set the camera to a long exposure, absorbing as much light as possible. Once I’d taken the photo (and we got back from our holiday) I then edited the raw file in Photoshop and Elements to achieve the desired effect.

This is one of my favourite photos mainly because all the conditions came together at random to have a beautiful photograph.

Taken using a 1000D using the kit lens, no filters, supported on a tripod.

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