Thursday, 25 October 2012

B-Boi Shots

Motion Photography

As an avid bboi, Warren Wong from Xing Imagery has a unique ability to take amazing dance shots.


Photos are taken at Revolution Bar, between September and October 2012.


Capturing the dance moves at just the right moment takes skill and a lot of patience.


Using light techniques to enhance interesting shots of the DJ.


Capturing moves at just the right moment create interesting lines, shapes and poses.


Not all dance moves require one hand, even the most simple dance move can make an amazing photograph.


Mirror techniques add an extra dimension to photos.


Photogenic models always help!


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Wedding Photography

A Touch of Elegance

As every bride knows, wedding photography is an essential part of any wedding. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day and have the photographs to remember it.

Xing Imagery has been making bride’s dreams become reality and immortal in photographs since 2008.


Capturing the big moments is essential for any wedding photographer. Formal shots and special moments such as cutting the cake are the key skills for any wedding photographer.


Capturing the tiny details add special memories to wedding photography. Brides spend a long time choosing and making and designing the tiny details of their wedding, Xing Imagery captures all those details.


Weddings are beautiful and happy occasions, Xing Imagery captures all the emotion of the day and presents those images in a stunning and breath-taking keepsake.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some Fave Pix

A Small Selection

A small selection of some of Xing’s favourite photos. All taken by our fabulous and talented photographer, Warren Wong.

We hope you enjoy our favourite photos as much as we do.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Xing Imagery is a new, fresh and exciting photography company. Predominantly Street Dance, B-Boi and Night Club dance photos, Xing has also been involved in wedding and nature photography.  Xing is headed by Warren Wong, a new and up-and-coming photographer with an excellent eye and an innate ability to capture flattering photos whatever the situation.